Custom Commissions:

Please use my new commission form for quotes & to request an illustration commission.

The following options are currently not on the above form, please contact me if you would like a reference sheet, or dakimakura.

2 Image Ref Sheet - $80

Simple references are 2 image ref sheets, containing either a front/back view or a front view with an outfit or marking variant.

Detailed - $130+

Detailed References 3+ images, Complex characters, markings, or additional details.

2-3+ Image Ref Sheet - $90+

Basic references are 2+ image ref sheets, containing a front/back view and at least 1 variant using the same base, extra details, or multiple outfits.

Addons & Fees

Base Costs:
2 image base Ref. - $80 ("Simple")
~ Example: front/back
~ Example: front nude/front clothed
3 image Ref. - $90+ ("Basic")
~ Example: front/back and additional outfit/variant
3+ image Ref. - $130+ ("Detailed")
~ Example: front/back nude + front/back clothed
~ Example: front/back clothed + profile clothed

Complex Markings/Clothing - $8+
Adding Expressions - $15 ea.
Additional Outfit - $15+ ea.
Outfit Edit - $8
Prop or Item details - $8+
Single Color BG - Free
Color Palette - Free
Weapons - $10+ ea.

Print-Ready Dakimakura Illustrations

Type:Single ImageTwo Image
OC or OOAK:$300+$400+

I can imitate art styles as references to other media, games, etc.
or stay on-model to character reference or model sheets provided.

Traditional Art information & pricing coming soon...

Check my Trello for commission slots
Please use the Commission form above!

Terms of Service

OKNOT OKPatron only Content
Furries, HumansGenitaliaTasteful Nudity
Comic Book tier ViolenceGore, DisembowelmentFreebies
KemonomimiSexual ContentMild NSFW content
MMO CharactersBodily fluidsOther inquiries welcome

I will NOT draw underage characters in sexual/inappropriate situations.

  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission for any reason, and give the commissioner a refund.

  • I reserve the right to deny any commission requests for any reason.

  • The commissioner understands that they will not receive their artwork until full payment is sent.

  • I may use the art I create for any reasonable purpose. (Advertising commissions, portfolio, etc.)

  • The character(s) in my illustrations belong to their owners, the artwork belongs to the artist.

  • I do not provide refunds after starting if you confirm on the first thumbnail sketch.

  • The commissioner may critique BEFORE coloring begins or may be charged for revisions.

  • Only the commissioner, or those involved may use the final image.

  • The commissioner or others will not take credit for the final piece.

  • Sketches, lineart or anything I draw for you can be completed/colored by another artist or yourself

  • You may edit your commission as you see fit. But do not claim the artwork as your own.

  • Artwork depicting minors or those that look underage may not be edited into NSFW material

  • You may not profit off of your commission unless we have discussed commercial use terms beforehand.

Terms of Service (Vtuber Models)

  • Only the commissioner, or those involved may use the final model unless agreed upon otherwise.

  • The commissioner or others will not take credit for the final piece.

  • Artwork I create for your model can be edited by anyone. I provide the unmerged .PSD and .CSP working files by default.

  • You must contact me before using my artwork for prints or merchandise. (T-shirts, badges, stickers, etc.)

  • Monetized streaming is permitted

  • Selling your Vtuber model is allowed, but only if you are selling all rights to the character to a new owner, and the price is not increased unless additional artwork or rigging/costs are being added to selling the character & usage rights.