2 Image Ref Sheet - $80

Simple references are 2 image ref sheets, containing either a front/back view or a front view with an outfit or marking variant.

Detailed - $130+

Detailed References 3+ images, Complex characters, markings, or additional details.

2-3+ Image Ref Sheet - $90+

Basic references are 2+ image ref sheets, containing a front/back view and at least 1 variant using the same base, extra details, or multiple outfits.

Addons & Fees

Base Costs:
2 image base Ref. - $80 ("Simple")
Example: front/back
Example: front nude/front clothed
3 image Ref. - $90+ ("Basic")
Example: front/back and additional outfit/variant
3+ image Ref. - $130+ ("Detailed")
Example: front/back nude + front/back clothed
~ Example: front/back clothed + profile clothed
Complex Markings/Clothing - $8+
Adding Expressions - $15 ea.
Additional Outfit - $15+ ea.
Outfit Edit - $8
Prop or Item details - $8+
Single Color BG - Free
Color Palette - Free
Weapons - $10+ ea.

Ref. Sheet Form

  • Your PayPal E-mail:

  • Character Viewpoints: ex: "front back, L, R"

  • Character Age:

  • Body Type:

  • Height:

  • Add-Ons:

  • REQUIRED: Provide visual references, even if it's just a moodboard!

Send your inquiry to any of these accounts

Dakimakura commission rates vary based on character complexity and if you want just an illustration for viewing, or an illustration that is ready for printing on a full size dakimakura. I can contact a printer for you, have it manufactured, and then sent to you, or I can provide you with manufacturers and the print file. If you are commissioning a body pillow case for the purpose of selling it at a booth or online store of a quantity greater than 8 units, we must discuss commercial rates.
Please contact me via e-mail or DM about dakimakura commissions.

Print-Ready Dakimakura Illustrations

Type:Single ImageTwo Image
OC or OOAK:$400+$550+

Terms of Service

OKNOT OKPatron only Content
Furries, HumansGenitaliaTasteful Nudity
Comic Book tier ViolenceGore, DisembowelmentFreebies
KemonomimiSexual ContentMild NSFW content
MMO CharactersBodily fluidsOther inquiries welcome
Mild KinkNazi/White supremacy ImageryFetish Content

I will NOT draw underage characters in sexual/inappropriate situations.

  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission for any reason, and give the commissioner a refund.

  • I reserve the right to deny any commission requests for any reason.

  • The commissioner understands that they will not receive their artwork until full payment is sent.

  • I may use the art I create for any reasonable purpose. (Advertising commissions, portfolio, etc.)

  • The character(s) in my illustrations belong to their owners, the artwork belongs to the artist.

  • I do not provide refunds after starting if you confirm on the first thumbnail sketch.

  • The commissioner may critique BEFORE coloring begins or may be charged for revisions.

  • My art is NOT to be made into or sold as an NFT of ANY KIND. You may NOT profit off of your commissioned piece in any way unless we have discussed commerial rates.

  • Only the commissioner, or those involved may use the final image.

  • The commissioner or others will not take credit for the final piece.

  • Sketches, lineart or anything I draw for you can be completed/colored by another artist or yourself

  • You may edit your commission as you see fit. But do not claim the artwork as your own.

  • Artwork depicting minors or those that look underage may not be edited into NSFW material

  • You may not profit off of your commission unless we have discussed commercial use terms beforehand.

Terms of Service (Vtuber Models)

  • Only the commissioner, or those involved may use the final model unless agreed upon otherwise.

  • The commissioner or others will not take credit for the final piece.

  • Artwork I create for your model can be edited by anyone. I provide the unmerged .PSD and .CSP working files by default.

  • You must contact me before using my artwork for prints or merchandise. (T-shirts, badges, stickers, etc.)

  • Monetized streaming is permitted

  • Selling your Vtuber model is allowed, but only if you are selling all rights to the character to a new owner, and the price is not increased unless additional artwork or rigging/costs are being added to selling the character & usage rights.

FFT icons/portraits are small traditional sketches drawn in graphite and then scanned.
Usually drawn around the size of 1-3" inches and vary in line quality.
(The style is based more on the concept art by Yoshida Akihiko, and not the in-game pixel sprites.)

If you'd like a full illustration in this style rather than an icon, please submit a custom commission inquiry.

FFT Icon Form

  • Your PayPal email:

  • Contact: email, twitter, FurAffinity, etc. NO DISCORD TAGS

  • Character Expression: Default, smile, etc,

  • Character reference:

  • Character Hair color:

  • Character Eye Color:

  • Glamoured items in reference: (FFXIV only)

Send your inquiry to any of these accounts

I can imitate art styles as references to other media, games, etc.
or stay on-model to character reference or model sheets provided.

Quick Price Guide

PLEASE NOTE: I do not rig models I currently only offer artwork.

What you need:

What you'll get:

  • Working files (.CSP and .PSD.):
    Artwork files with all layers unmerged for ease of use) are sent by default and should always be sent to your rigger or any artist updating or adding on to your model.

  • Rig-Ready files:
    Merged down .PSD file ready to be imported into Live2D Cubism Editor software for animation setup.

All models regardless of detail level or cost will include the necessary parts to function as a basic Vtuber model and can be set up by any rigger.A .zip file or google drive folder will be provided to you upon completion and will include the following:Parameters are to be set up by your rigger. Any issues with tracking performance are something to bring up with the rigging artist first. But you're welcome to come to me with any questions or concerns. Rigging friends can also contact me about any of my files that end up in their hands.PLEASE make sure to back up all files I send to you on your own google drive, Harddrive and/or external harddrive. While I keep all of my working files, I cannot guarantee it will be safe only on my PC and drive for forever. The more instances of the file you have backed up, the safer your files will be! :)

Model Functions

Default Expression Assets:
All Vtuber models I make will include the following optional toggleable parts that your rigger can set up to work via a hotkey:

  • Blush ///

  • Heart Eyes

  • Sparkle Eyes

  • Gloom Expression |||

Models with arms will include:

  • Relaxed hand pose (default state)

  • Open palm with splayed fingers ("Waving" 👋 hand)

Additional parts or expressions and overrides can be added in your initial commission or commissioned at a later time (just know that you'll have to have your new updates rigged).


Terms of Service

  • You must contact me before using my artwork for prints or merchandise.
    (T-shirts, badges, stickers, etc.)

  • Monetized streaming is permitted

  • Selling your Vtuber model is allowed,
    but only if you are selling all rights to the character to a new owner,
    and the price is not increased unless additional artwork or rigging/costs are being added to selling the character & usage rights.

  • Only the commissioner, or those involved may use the final model (Private Model)
    unless agreed upon otherwise (Public Model).

  • The commissioner or others will not take credit for the artwork or entire final piece.

  • Artwork I create for your model can be edited by anyone you want to give the files to.

  • I provide the unmerged .PSD and .CSP working files
    for ease of use with other artists or clients who are artistically inclined.

  • Updates or changes to your model done by yourself or others are more than welcome!
    You do not need to ask for permission to edit my artwork if you are updating the character
    or adding/changing features.

  • You may not create new character models using artwork or assets I have made
    for your specific character model unless discussed otherwise.
    Using parts from my artwork of your character to paste into a new model are permitted
    as long as the character is the same character.

  • You may not sell parts from your model.

Payment & Commissioning Terms:

  • The Client will not receive artwork or working files until full payment has been made.

  • If the client must cancel part way through the commission I (the artist) will be compensated for any time spent on the piece, and the rest of the quoted amount will be refunded.

  • Once I have begun on your piece there will be a non-refundable deposit at a minimum of $25 and an additional $10-25 for every hour spent working on the piece.

Choose a Model Type:

Fullbody: $800+
Standard + Arms: $425
Standard: $375

Simple Creature Full Body: $300
Small feral animals, mascot-like creatures (ie. Pikachu), or anything with a "gingerbread man" type of body fall under this category & are reduced in cost due to generally being less dense in individual objects/art meshes than bipedal or humanoid characters.

Detailed Creature Full Body: $400+
Still generally less dense than bipedal or humanoid characters, they may become just as complex for more detailed creatures. These generally have more parts, like individual pieces for bird talons to be animated independently of each other, complex or curled "ram" horns, detailed markings, etc.
In this example's case, the model has 2 lower bodies/hind legs and alternate hand paws so that it can change states between sitting and standing upright. Were it just one pose or the other, this character would fall under the Simple Creature Category.

Muzzle Type:

Humanoid / Short Muzzle: $+0
Long Muzzle: +$40
Complex Creature: +$70+

Complexity Level:

Complex: +$80-$100
Standard: +$0
Simple: +$0

Complexity is not based solely on the character design & more for how many individual objects
and moving parts your character's model will end up with.
Many models with wings or hands can easily be executed perfectly
with a balanced amount of relatively standard objects.
This is also highly based on how you want the model to move so discussion is more than welcome!
If you're unsure, just go with standard and we can talk out the fine details!
An example of detailed use of complex objects are parts like wings if you want each feather, to move individually.
If your character has markings like stripes (or anything that needs to deform on a surface without covering the character's lineart) on more than 2 parts or limbs, your model may be considered complex.
If it's less than that, standard part layouts will cover it.
These kind of smaller details can always be merged down into simplified objects
if a rigger's workflow works better that way.

Hand Type:

(Skip this section if it does not apply to your model)

Static hands - $0 are drawn artwork that can also be swapped with
other drawn hands to change poses.
Unless you have specific animations in mind for some gestures, this is the best option.
Finger + Palm +$50 hands are separated fingers (not individual digits) and the palm.
The fingers can be set to have physics to sway or be animated to some extent
but it may not be seen much except for certain animated gestures (hand waving, etc.).
Detailed hands +$80 would have all digits separated for rotation animation.

Hands can't be too complex in some software without issues. This would require me to contact your rigger
regarding their preferred workflow and setup,
& discussion about what you want specifically before I can give you an accurate price/cost.

Additional Hands?:

Static hand Additional poses $15 ea.
If you would like additional hand poses please write a list of what you'd like!


"Sticker" Hotkeys are simple like turning on a Blush, Vein or sparkly eyes!
Your model will include the following stickers by default!

Additional stickers $3-$5+ ea.
examples: 💢 ‼️ 💦
Price varies on complexity but adding a sticker will generally run only $3-$5 each for most expression based items.

Eye Sticker Placement:

Please specify if you would like for eye stickers to replace or be added on top of the irises!


When you want to vastly change or more specifically control the overall expression of a character to include multiple changes (Such as forcing the brows to look angry, and mouth to change in overall shape)
I refer to these functions as "Expression Overrides".
These often are additional artwork parts that will be animated
Example: Toggleable clothes, body or part swaps, holding an expression via hotkey, etc.

Sample prices:
Angry mouth: $15
O_O Eyes: $8
Clothing Toggle: $50

Art Style:

  • Reference Sheet:
    Follow Reference Sheet as closely as possible

  • Fire Emblem Fates Style:
    Imitate the style seen in the modern Fire Emblem series that used live2D models

  • Use your own art style:
    I'll draw in my own style using the reference images as a guide

Shading Style:

(Fire Emblem Fates styles models will always be cel shaded regardless.)

Commission Form

  • Model Type:

  • Muzzle Type:

  • Complexity level:

  • Hand Type:

  • Additional Hands?:

  • Stickers: -list any additional stickers you are interested in here-

  • Eye sticker placement: (Above Iris or Replace Iris?)

  • Overrides: -list any overrides you are interested in here-

  • Art Style:

  • Shading Style:

Send your inquiry to any of these accounts

or by using the form below

Model Examples can be seen here on my Sketchfab
Older MMD models can be seen in motion in this Youtube Playlist

3D works are charged by the hour at a rate of $25 USD per hour.
Due to the complex nature of 3D modeling, I cannot give accurate estimates or quotes as each project, be it fully original models or editing an existing mesh, varies greatly in complexity and time. There are many factors when it comes to the medium and my own technical skills.
Please feel free to contact me about your project!

MMD, VRChat & .VRM / VTuber 3D Models

For Full Body Characters you can expect a minimum starting cost of $500+ with a rate of $25 per hour.
I primarily have experience with creating and weighing models for use in MikuMikuDance software since 2011. But I do not create joints and physics (yet).
I can and WILL model half body or bust models for Vtuber use etc. for a lower final cost.

Vtuber or VRC Model Example

.VRM Models / Vtubers

.VRM models I make for you can be converted to .PMX models. (I do not provide this service.) For use in MikuMiku Dance software.

  • Modeled in T-pose.

  • No custom toons or sphere maps (for MMD rendering).

  • Includes abones & weight painting for Unity-based physics (wiggle bones?).

  • Simple lipsync visemes (AIUEO). More available upon request.

  • MMD shapekeys available for VRC MMD worlds.

  • Custom shapekeys available.

  • *Requires Unity Setup.

MMD Model Example

MMD Models

MMD models I make for you can be converted to .VRM models. (I do not provide this service.) For VR Chat or Vtuber software.

  • Modeled in T-pose then angled into A-pose for motion data compatibility.

  • MMD models will use basic bones (1 upper body 1 lower body).

  • Support for additional motion data should be done via the Semi-Standard Bones plugin, or I can add these bones for you in the blender file as an alternate for an extra fee.

  • Custom toons and sphere maps for MMD rendering available.

  • No MMD Physics available at this time. But will include weight painting & bones needed for joints/physic bodies setup.

  • Includes default needed MMD shapekeys (あいうえお/AIUEO smile, frown, smile eyes, blink, eyebrow expressions, etc.)

VRC Avatar Edits

Open to doing texture and simple edits for VRC Avatars and assisting with basic uploads.

Example shown: 3-4 hr texture edit + uploading to VRC - $100

Twitch emotes, Discord emotes, & Telegram stickers

Emotes:$25 ea.
Discord Blobs:$15-20
Telegram Stickers:$15-30+

Commission Form

  • Your PayPal E-mail:

  • Comission Type:

  • Quantity: (8 max per order)

  • Description of emote/sticker 1:

  • Description of emote/sticker 2:

  • etc.

  • REQUIRED: Provide visual references

Send your inquiry to any of these accounts

Or submit a form here to be sent to my e-mail:

If your selection has brought you here, please contact me via Twitter DMs or e-mail for your selected inquiry as it may be a more complex project than my price estimate form can quote you for!

Choose a lineart type

Line Quality does not change pricing

Choose a body type

Chibi, Baby, & Child characters are assumed to be inherently less complex hence reduced prices.
A Lalafell may be charged at standard rates due to the detailed nature of FFXIV gear, regardless of their proportions, etc.

Choose a Color Type:

Rendering (Shading/lighting) will greatly impact the final estimate cost.

Choose a Detail Level that best matches your character:

Has the most impact on price.
Higher detail designs will be more expensive. If your character is very complex but you are okay with me simplifying elements of the design you may choose a lower detail level and I will adjust/draw accordingly to match the price estimate at the cost of less visual detail.

Flat Rate Comms.

Flat rates, you will be charged what is shown.
Complex characters will have very detailed elements simplified to fit the budget.

Base Prices

Simple Detail

Color TypeAdult/ TeenChildChibi/ Baby
Flat Color+$5+$5+$5
Simple Shading+$15+$10+$10
Detail Shading+$30+$30+$30

Example: Child + Simple shading (cel shading style)

Example: Adult + Detail shading - $75
Original Background - $50

Moderate Detail

Color TypeStandard Character
Flat Color+$5
Simple Shading+$15
Detail Shading+$50

I will happily simplify FFX|V Characters to fit into this price range

Example: Moderate Detail + Simple shading

Complex Detail

Color TypeDetailed Character
Flat Color+$10
Simple Shading+$20
Detail Shading+$30-$50

Detailed weapons will incur a fee

Example: HIGH Detail half body $55 + Detail shading +$50
7 Highly Detailed weapons (About $30 ea.) - $210

Please calculate a rough estimate using the above tables based on your choices and then fill out this form!

Commission Form

  • Your PayPal E-mail:

  • Lineart Type:

  • Body Type:

  • Color Type:

  • Character Name:

  • Character Age:

  • Eye Color:

  • Hair Color:

  • REQUIRED: Provide visual references


  • Character Expression:


You may also send your inquiry to:


Detail shading & Backgrounds are temporarily closed due to burnout.

Premade BG Options (Free)

Photo Blur/Paintover +$18

Simple Drawing +$25

Detailed Background - $60+